Tips for Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai

Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai

In case you are looking over this post, then we suppose you want to pay a visit to Dubai and consider the Desert Safari Tour. That’s a great choice. In this article, we would choose to share some really useful tips on how to do the preparation for a desert safari tour. Being among the oldest travel package provider company in Dubai, we’ve helped untold numbers of people with great Dubai desert safari tour packages, hospitality, adventure experience and more. Like someone said, your travel journey begins before you start packing. However, sometimes we miss important items that are essential and down the road we bum out over them. Once you arrive in Dubai for a desert safari, you will come with all the important things. In the following paragraphs we are going to assist you with packing tips for your overnight desert Safari tour.


The desert area has always had a dehydrated climate, but in the afternoon it is scorching and at night time it is extremely frosty. If you decide on your medicine, keep the weather alternation in your mind and get all the medicine with you.


Dubai being an Arabic country, is renowned for following clothing customs. Simultaneously, it’s important for you to put on comfy clothes during Desert Safari, particularly for Camel Riding and activities like Buggy Drive. Avoid very heavy fabrics. Smooth cotton clothes are advisable to wear during a desert safari.


Steer clear of taking Heels and Lifestyle Shoes. Take sturdy sports footwear with you. If you want to make use of boots, that kind of shoes would be better.

Travel Essentials

Keep your camera, Diary, Pen, SunScreen and robust shoes aside and pack them first. This stuff you’ll use the most and should have in your travel bags.

Other Safety Gears

Take bug resistant, travel Pillow, Hot Bag, Eye Mask etc for additional safety and comfort. These types of items are not imperative items but you can take these items for additional safety and comfort.