Guide to getting Umrah Visa in Dubai

Guide to getting Umrah Visa in Dubai

Umrah is among the beautiful Sunnah and soulful journey to the house of ALLAH SWT. The Creator of the world wants his servants to get filtered from sins by executing this religious journey. As a result Muslims throughout the world with all the love, yearning and gratefulness continue this holy trip. Their eyes need to see the Holy Kaaba in front of them and bodies long to circumambulate around it. People gather their income all their lives simply to go to Saudi Arabia to Perform Umrah and Hajj. .

Umrah Visa

Muslims can go to holy places in Saudi Arabia if they have a valid Umrah Visa. They are able to apply all seasons and can accomplish Umrah anytime throughout the year. For UAE residents, It is very important to make a visa application through an authorized Umrah visa travel agent in Dubai. Or else, pilgrims are susceptible to face administrative or economic issues during or before this holy voyage.

How to apply for Umrah Visa

There are specific requirements for applying for an Umrah visa that is as follows:

  • To start with a complete and original Umrah visa application form is required. Application form can be acquired by sending a self-addressed envelope to the Saudi Consulate by post.
  • Applicants have to read and sign the statements written by the end of the application form.
  • If a person is converted to Islam then attaching a certificate issued from an Islamic Center or Mosque is essential.
  • Candidates must fasten a passport size colored photograph having a white background with the application form. The photograph must be a full-face view.
  • Passport validity should be for at least six months from the submission date of application form.
  • A non-refundable and valid air travel ticket is needed. The departure from Saudi Arabia must take place within two weeks beginning with the date of entry.
  • Ladies and children must accompany their husband/father or Mahram (male). Marriage certificate and birth certificate is required as proof of relationship.
  • Vaccination certificate of Meningococcal Meningitis must be with the candidate on entry to Saudi Arabia.

Umrah Visa Validity

The validity of Umrah visa is only for two weeks. The pilgrim should perform Umrah within these two weeks starting from the date of entry.

Umrah Visa in Ramadan

The Umrah visa of Ramadan is until the last day of this holy month. Pilgrims cannot have Eid-ul-Fitr in Saudi Arabia and must leave by the end of Ramadan.

Umrah Visa Payment

Umrah visa was free primarily. However, now some amounts are being chargared. Also, there are some additional charges included for processing.