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Trying to find the most affordable Indian cargo service in the UAE to ship your goods from Dubai to India? Would you like to ensure your shipment reaches your India address securely and on-time? Have you been ripped off and liable for unfair customs charges by the previous door-to-door cargo companies in Dubai? Your search should be finished now. You can count on us as your main partner service for door-to-door cargo to India from Dubai. Our company offers world-leading cargo handling from Dubai to any Indian airport, seaport, and city; anywhere in India. We provide speedy, risk-free, and reliable air cargo service from Dubai to India and the cheapest as well. We can provide unmatched cargo services from Dubai to India.

If you are seeking the most efficient option to send your packages, excess baggage, luggage, cargo, courier to India, air cargo is the right service for you. Our quick delivery procedure and cost-effective rates mean timely delivery and irresistible charges. We ensure that our door to door cargo Dubai to India price is affordable.  With weekly shipments to India from Dubai, our company can deliver your items in 7and 15 days (depending on the destination). You are always given the choice of choosing different shipping boxes when you send cargo shipment with us, and they are all built to meet both Dubai and Indian customs regulations when it comes to shipping boxes.As long as you have enough weight, we can ship anything from a TV set to clothes and furniture to spare parts.

Different Cargo Options

With regards to moving your belongings internationally, you have an option to make. The two main methods of shipping cargo overseas include their benefits and drawbacks.

Door to Door
Door to Door

If you’ve got time to spare and you’re on a budget, the most effective way to ship everything is by sea: it is not the fastest but considerably cheaper as well. If you have enough time for you to spare, and you’re on a budget, shipping by sea is the best option for you.From Dubai to India, we offer very reasonable sea cargo charges per kilogram. With respect to the amount of cargo you’re delivering, you’ll need to choose between a 20ft container and a 40ft container. Similarly, if you’re not taking much, you can share a container with others (called Less Than Container Load, or LCL). Your shipping company can help with these decisions. Our suppliers offer helpful door-to-door service. For sea cargo to India, a minimum of 30 KG is required.

It is the best option for those who are relocating at the last minute, or need urgent delivery of goods, to use air cargo since planes are fast, efficient, and cost-effective, but their delivery time is limited. There is no better way to ship freight from Dubai to India urgently than with our unbeatable air freight rates. With our powerful and efficient logistics network, we are able to offer you low-cost air cargo services from Dubai to India no matter where you are in the UAE. We specialize in air cargo services to India, and we cover all the major airports in India, so we can provide you with the most competitive rates and delivery services possible. The services we provide are fast and reliable, and a minimum of 3 kg is required for air cargo.

Why us?

Professional Packing

We have professional and experienced packers. Making use of the most up-to-date industry packing methods and moving materials, our expert can pack your entire commodities properly.

Extensive Delivery Network

Our years of experience in the cargo industry allowed us to build an extensive delivery network throughout India. At the moment, we have more than 20 head offices in India along with several branches across India.

Door to Door Service

We offer door to door services throughout India. No matter which town you want to send your goods, our personal delivery network allows us to send your goods to your door step.

Live Shipment Tracking

We make use of the technology and have an online live tracking tool that lets you track your shipment for free from anywhere at any time.

Affordable Rates

We offer very competitive rates. We assure you that no one in UAE is even close to our affordable rates with top-quality services.

Fast Shipment

We offer the fastest shipment services. Depending on your destination, we can deliver your items within 15 days by SEA cargo and within 2 days by air cargo.


What is the cargo charges from Dubai to India?

Our cargo charges from Dubai to India varies depend on weight, what’s do you want to send and how you wish to send. Normally, sea cargo to India from Dubai is cheap than air cargo.

What is the weight limit?

We don’t have any minimum limits for air cargo. However, for sea cargo we accept minimum 30 KG.

How long shipment take to reach India?

Depend on service it may take between 5 days to 30 days. Air cargo is a fastest way to send shipments from UAE to India as it takes not more than a week. Door to door Sea cargo can take upto 30 days.

Do you ship electronic?

Yes, we can send any kind of electronic such as TV, LCD, washing machine, mobile, laptop and other household and commercial items.